This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

High Performance Computing

This workshop focuses on the utilization of High performance Computing (HPC) clusters, such as Mana, for deep learning tasks. Attendees will also learn how to use Jupyter Lab on Mana via Open OnDemand, the benefits of using GPUs over just CPUs for deep learning applications and how staging data the correct file system can improve performance of deep learning jobs.


  • Command line experience. We recommend the participants to go through shell-novice if you are new to the command-line
  • Have an account on Mana
  • Have UH Duo/MFA enabled
  • Have a modern web browser

By the end of this workshop, students will know how to:

Getting Started

To get started, follow the directions in the “Setup” tab to download data to your computer and follow any installation instructions.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. What is High Performance Computing (HPC) What is an HPC system?
What are the components of an HPC system?
00:10 2. Connecting to a remote HPC System How do I log in to a remote HPC system?
What is Open OnDemand and how do I use it?
00:30 3. Deep learning CPU vs GPU How does the performance of GPU compare with that of CPU?
How to use Mana to do Machine Learning research?
How to ask for computing resources?
01:20 4. Staging and File System Choice What is a file system?
What is a distributed file system?
How do you optimize file system on Mana?
02:00 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.